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Go7 Saturday Lecture

Location icon Go club "Go7"
Lerchenfelder Stra├če 97
1070 Vienna

calendar icon Saturdays, 18:00-19:00

Players of any level are welcome, as the lectures are meant to be about the modern fundamentals of Go.

Prices and packages

SGF Game Commentary

Send an SGF of your game, and get the full commentary in less than 48 hours.

Commentary is either written or recorded.

Prices and packages

We encourage you to find a friend or two and study in a group! See discounted prices for groups, as well as children under 16 years old:

GENERALPrivate teaching
1 hour1.5 hours2 hours
PACKAGES 1 Lesson405670
5 Lessons190260315
10 Lessons355460540
20 Lessons640790880
U16Private teaching
1 hour1.5 hours2 hours
PACKAGES 1 Lesson324556
5 Lessons152208252
10 Lessons284368432
20 Lessons512632704
GROUP OF 2Private teaching
1 hour1.5 hours2 hours
PACKAGES 1 Lesson263646
5 Lessons124169205
10 Lessons231299351
20 Lessons416514572
GROUP OF 3Private teaching
1 hour1.5 hours2 hours
PACKAGES 1 Lesson202835
5 Lessons95130158
10 Lessons178230270
20 Lessons320395440

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